The Barrel Brush Double Bristle

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The 1” Barrel Brush Double Bristle features 2 sets of bristles in each barrel port, which helps to separate thick, hard to manage hair, without tangling. Tourmaline ionic bristles combat static and frizz and help smooth hair when blow drying, straightening and curling, while simulated boar helps to detangle and separate. A stunning design with South-Sea Pearl ceramic-coated silver barrel, heat-resistant bristles an iconic Monroe-Red handle shaft and easy-grip handle. Each brush top is adorned with the unique Moehair Aqua-Marine Crystal, to set the brush apart from others for easy identification on set or in the salon. This styling brush will get stunning results and look beautiful while doing it.

*Brush sizes displayed are measured by barrel diameter only, for bristles diameter add 1″

Each barrel brush in the Moehair line of styling tools were individually and painstakingly researched during their conception. After hearing a recurring need from our Moehair stylists and ambassadors, for a set of tools that were not only effective and durable, but beautiful and unique, Moehair set out to create the perfect set of barrel brushes. This ceramic barrel is ionic and antistatic with silver finishing. Ultra high-quality bristles are high performance in action while an ergonomic no slip handle makes controlling the tool effortless. Moehair scoured the market for the highest quality materials, sourced in America and at a raw-material cost that would make the final product accessible to both hair professionals and their clients. Whether using them to straighten, give body to short hair roots, add volume and bounce to long hair or finish the bangs of a trendy updo, these barrel brushes are the go-to blow out tool. With a wide range of sizes and types, at an affordable price point, the Moehair Styling Tool Collection is the perfect go-to tool for anyone passionate about their hair.